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I always believe that working together and merging strengths will always make brands stronger. Not only for business sense but also emotionally. To work and surround yourself with like minded people will always add incredible value to you personally and professionally.  
Here is a list of wonderful people I totally love working with.

Age of Reason creates ethical exciting and joyful home and lifestyle accessories.

By crafting exquisite statement designs with a message and purpose we give women all over the world the chance to enjoy luxury that truly resonates with their values.

 We manufacture with an empowered and independent production line mostly in the UK, using the best materials. We’re on a mission to change the way the people perceive high end lifestyle and interiors by proving luxury can be ethical, inclusive and playful. We believe you CAN have it all:  Bold, fierce designs with purpose and meaning.

Together we stand up against inequality.

Together we stand up for female empowerment.

Together we champion the right to be exactly who we are. 

Our designer Ali Mapletoft explains a little more about her inspiration:

"I chose the name Age of Reason to reflect my empowerment ethos - no sweatshops, just beautiful things made the right way. I grew up in a textiles and pottery community in Lesotho Southern Africa; around women who are exceptionally creative, resourceful and tenacious.  I’m inspired by those memories and I believe that you should be able to adorn your home and yourself without fear of harming people or the planet. Age of Reason stand for luxury with peace of mind"

 Ali’s work has been featured in a variety of locations from Selfridges, Liberty London and Harvey Nichols to Galeries Lafayette Beijing, The British Museum Shops and the Tate Modern Shop! Press highlights have included Vogue Gift Guide, Grazia Red Magazine, Telegraph Homes, Architectural Design Magazine and Stylist Magazine. 

Go Chock Chic  

I love chocolate! It's always been a big part of my life, and some of my earliest childhood memories are of making and eating chocolate as a child in South America.

I resolved to set up CHOC Chick to promote the pure goodness of chocolate in its raw state and bring the delights and benefits of raw chocolate to everyone.

I must also confess: I never spent a lot of time in the kitchen. As a working mum, cooking was more of a chore and never a relaxing experience for me. What really surprised me was how simple and enjoyable making raw chocolate was, and how much I enjoyed experimenting and thinking of new ingredients to add.

The more I read about the benefits and properties of raw cacao, the more amazed I was that cacao ingredients weren’t a household staple and a healthy alternative for baking, frying, cooking, hot cocoa, smoothies and chocolate making… the applications were endless.

I started making large quantities of chocolates for my family, friends, dinner parties, school fairs and any occasion I could find. Sunday mornings in our household became infused with the smells of melting cocoa butter and chocolate powder. To this day, my daughters adore helping me make (and of course eat!) the chocolates.

This rediscovery was too good to keep to myself and my circle of friends, so I resolved to spread the word and make easy-to-use raw chocolate kits available to others. And so the first CHOC Chick Kit was born.

My lovely company has grown fantastically (or should I say CHOCtastically) since the online shop went live in 2009. We're now stocked in many wonderful retailers and stockists throughout the UK and Europe (Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market, John Lewis Food Halls, Harvey Nichols, Ocado, Planet Organic and Infinity Foods, to name a few!).

 Ayten Gasson


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