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What is a Transitional Wardrobe and Why Do We Need One?

Let’s face it: the weather can never make up its mind, no matter what season we’re in or where in the world we live. One week we can be enjoying a heatwave, and the next we’re dodging torrential downpours of rain, running from one meeting to the next. 

This is why it’s important to understand the art that is transitional dressing to make life easier for yourself. There’s nothing worse than having a wardrobe filled with leg-baring skirts and open-toe shoes during the Summer, then struggling to find a pair of closed-in shoes or tights when you’re faced with a dull, breezy day.

This is where having a carefully curated transitional wardrobe comes in! Where strategic layering and transitional garments are always to hand, making everyday styling so much easier. 

A well thought out transitional wardrobe should allow you to reinvent ways of wearing key in every season, making you feel empowered and beautiful in every single piece in rain or shine. 

Here are some tips on how to build your own transitional wardrobe: 

Make sure your wardrobe gives a nod to layering

Layering is so much more than just throwing on a cardigan. Think about it: those pretty Summer slip dresses are beautiful and timeless, but they don’t have to be removed from your wardrobe when Autumn comes. You can create a transitional outfit by layering up with a lightweight roll-neck jumper, or a simple white tee is worn underneath to create a cute pinafore style look. 

It’s worth noting that having a solid collection of knitwear staples can be key for switching up your looks from season to season, as cosy knits look stylish layered over dresses, as do chunky cardigans and long waistcoats too. 

 Have an array of fabrics and materials 

You might only be a fan of cotton, but if you limit yourself to one main material, you can really restrict your dressing choices and your ability to have a transitional wardrobe.

An ideal transitional wardrobe should feature a combination of denim, wool, cotton and lightweight suiting. You can even be a little extravagant and have statement pieces of silk and velvet if you like! 

Basically, it’s all about variety. In order to dress up or dress down for the weather, it’s about having the options to mix and match.

If you’re unsure where to start, look at adding a number of quality jackets and coats to your clothing collection. An item that is timeless and never fails to fall into a fashion trend and goes with everything is a leather jacket. A beautifully made one, like our Careen Leather Jacket, looks smart thrown over shirts and tailored trousers, yet also fashionable teamed with graphic t-shirts and skinny jeans. 

 Think through your colour palettes

It’s just as important to focus on staple, timeless colours as it is to look at injecting seasonal shades, too. For a classic wardrobe that is going to lend you towards any occasion and any season, ensure you have an array of cream, white, black, grey and navy items – these will pair up perfectly with other colours, patterns and act as ideal ‘base’ colour palettes. 


Then, you need to think about your seasons. For the Autumn and Winter, it’s nice to have some warmer, richer toned pieces to pair with black or denim. 

Then think about Summer. A fresh lemon blouse will look lovely with a pair of white shorts or a denim midi skirt. 

There are a few staples which will work all year round, including a well-fitting black blazer, an oversized snuggly cardigan, a good quality white cotton tee and a pair of figure-hugging jeans. 

Add in midi lengths

Talking about midi skirts, make sure you’re familiar with this cut and finish – it’s a key one for carrying you all year round! While mini lengths only really cater for the heat, and maxi lengths more for the cooler months, midi lengths can be adapted to suit all year round. 

If you’re not sure how to wear the midi cut, think about midi dresses which can be paired with ankle boots. As well as dresses, getting yourself a midi skirt or two could be a worthwhile transitional wardrobe investment, as these are highly versatile. A pleated style midi skirt works well with camisoles for nights out or fitted white shirts for work. We promise you’ll get lots of different outfit looks out of a trusty midi, all whilst feeling feminine, comfortable and stylish.

 Overall, it’s about making the most of what you have and owning pieces that make you feel great for years – in every season and can work for every occasion. You can’t beat owning pieces which can be worked into a variety of looks, and make you feel like your best sensational self every time. 

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