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The Change Starts Within: 4 Ways You Can Feel And Look Better From The Inside Out

Transforming oneself can be a relatively easy thing to do. You can make changes to your wardrobe, style, and even your physique if you decide to hit the gym. In fact, the last one is quite popular as seven in 10 UK adults are motivated to get healthier due to COVID-19. However, this isn’t everything that true transformation is about. Superficial changes can only do so much to truly change your personhood, which is why starting your transformation from within is so important.

Along with the changes you might see physically, it is important to holistically improve yourself from the inside. This allows you to make changes that are more meaningful and sustainable. Whether you are trying to build more discipline or have a better relationship with your body, change starts within. Here are four ways you can feel and look better from the inside out:

Start eating a more balanced diet

Feeling and looking better from the inside out can start with your physical relationship with yourself. Health is wealth, and one of the best ways to feel and look your best is to nourish your body. This entails having better and more balanced meals and eating the right things to keep you healthy and happy.

However, your balanced diet must be tailored to your needs and preferences. WeightWatchers explains that personalised weight loss programmes recognise that no two people are alike, so their nutritional needs would also be different. These programmes also emphasise that it is not so much about restricting food as it is choosing the ones that will nourish you the most. Whether you want to lose weight or simply eat better, make sure it is part of a journey to becoming your ideal self, whatever weight that might be.

Engage your creativity and passion

Engaging in your passions is a sure way to unleash your creativity. In fact, the BBC reports how creativity can be very good for you. One example is in writing what is called “morning pages,” which are three pages of longhand writing accomplished upon rising. The pages can help one remove stresses, anxieties, and other blockages that may be hampering one’s creative thought process before the day starts.

People who are happily engaged in their creative passions tend to stand out because they look engaged, joyful, and brimming with life. If you want to start a change within, then try something as simple as enjoying a hobby that you may have forgotten. You can also pick up a new activity that you think you might like — remember to have fun whilst learning!

Build up your self-confidence

It may be challenging to build up your self-confidence. The key is to start from within instead of relying on others for validation and approval. Whilst it is normal to seek reassurance from family, friends, or even strangers from time to time, we should learn to trust our instincts and judgement.

We’ve written about ‘The Power Of Confidence’, and it tells you to start by silencing that inner critic that keeps telling you that you aren’t good enough! The little voice in our heads that should negative things about ourselves is deceiving — and it is about time to tell it to shut up. Try countering each negative thought that crosses your mind with a positive affirmation about yourself. Every time you say, “I’m not smart enough," turn it into, “I am intelligent and capable.” The more you do these positive affirmations, the more you will start to believe them. And as you believe them, the better you will feel and look, inside and out!

The Bottom Line

Feeling and looking great inside and out is a journey that starts from within. By looking inwards and really evaluating how your ideal self should look, it will guide your actions towards your very best self.

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