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Today’s date (26th June 2019) is a special one for me.  It marks the 12th anniversary of my arrival in the UK and the start of my new life.  



Why should that interest you?  The reason is simple, I want you to know why I had to start that new life and I want you to care, as much as I do! About all the other young girls that haven’t yet escaped to their new life and are still suffering, as I did, daily, back then.



It's so easy to ignore the harsh realities of life outside of our own but in doing so, we condone what’s happening. I left Turkey 12 years ago, alone, and as hard as that was, it was nowhere near as frightening or lonely as staying would have been.  It destroys me to know that what I went through as a child is still happening there, here and every where today.



So today, I am going to share my story openly, for the first time after 28 years, in the hope that you will also share it as widely as you can to raise awareness of what is going on behind closed doors all around us and why amazing charities like The Survivors Trust have to exist and will continue to be needed until all of us stand up and say… ENOUGH , IS ENOUGH, the abuse and oppression has to stop.  



I hope this is inspiring for you to Share it if so i am in the hope that it may be seen by and inspire another frightened young woman and give her the strength and courage to do as I did and find her freedom.


If I did it, anyone can!


Link to watch it is below as well as on my home page.


Thank you,


Elif x



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