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SUSTAINABILITY. What is it, actually? 🌱

As a small business owner who tries to do everything by herself and still be able to deliver high-quality service always, have been a real challenge. But one thing I try to do at it's best is that have sustainable garments for my clients. Creating my collections with small quantities and actually offering bespoke pieces instead of supporting the mass production has not been that easy but I am not going to give up as I know it is the best thing for our planet earth. When my friend Irena shared her post about the sustainability and her principles, I thought I couldn't put it into better words than her and decided to share it with you all too.

She is an incredibly inspiring woman who is a hard worker, a true artist and kindest woman you would meet. I am honoured that she has allowed me to share her post. 



Elif x


"For us it is an approach that signifies that something is made responsibly, sustaining a way of production that can be repeated without causing destructive damage or undue stress to the environment we live in.

It has many aspects. It starts with a conscious design process. Long ago, when we launched the brand as a capsule collection to fill the gaps in our South Bank boutique, we knew that we wouldn't be producing fast fashion. Instead, we focus on the longevity of the design, versatility of the garment and whether it works with our existing, classic pieces—that way the customers can shop the entire collection without having to worry about seasons and fleeting trends.

The choice of fabrics is an important one. Sustainable fabric is a whole different subject, and we could write long pages about that alone. It's not just about natural or synthetic materials. A consciously made polyester fabric can have better sustainability credentials than organic cotton... ☁️
Suffice it to say that we are choosing responsibly working with suppliers who care about the environment and its preservation. The options can include recycled or recyclable materials, dead-stock fabrics rescued from ending up in landfills, easily renewable fibers, fabrics dyed with eco-friendly dyes, leathers that are a byproduct of food industry etc. etc.

Then there's the considered approach to quantities. We only make small quantities as and when required, therefore minimising waste.

Manufacturers we use have ethical set-ups paying fair wages and bonuses, offering comfortable working conditions, accommodation if required and comprehensive training. We maintain long standing relationships. With some of our suppliers we have worked for many years. Mutual support and understanding of each other's needs are important pieces of the sustainability puzzle. "

Irena Lane, April 2020 

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