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One Size Fits All with Gok Wan

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Gok Wan on his first of his road shows here in Brighton.


Gok, the kindest man you would meet on this planet and he is genuine, loving and truly loves women of all kind.


He is ridiculously funny and so confident. And his urge to get this cross to women he inspires is respectable! 


You might be wondering what was my involvement with the show. Well I had 10 different looks from my boutique for one of the two catwalks of the show and 4 extra looks for Gok himself to discuss and introduce all these as the key trends of the season and in fact for all time. His knowledge of fashion history is incredible and the way he delivered the entire looks that I personally picked was spot on!


As well as all that above I was so lucky to be offered a space where I could sell small collection of what was on the cat walk for all the women who attended. 


It was a huge success and I cant wait to be part of his next Brighton show.


Thank you to all who join to our mailing list. I hope to see you again in my boutique soon.




Elif 💋



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