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I stand against any form of racism...

Today, I share with you that my heart feels heavy, unmotivated, and shaken up for all that going on in the world right now.
I have had enough of this word of #racism and it is a real embarrassment that still to this date we are fighting for this.
I never speak up publicly about how many times I have been under racist attacks both verbally and physically. You can't even imagine, the times I wanted to give up and go.
I always kept my positive attitude towards all the events happened to me in my life but I no longer choose to stay quiet in order to blend it, being accepted, be part of the community!

I have been ridiculed because of my accent, being asked why I wasn’t doing my job back in my country, how could I stayed in business as long as I did, not been supported because I am not from one of them, was referred as an animal that is eaten at Christmas time which had boiled me to the top of my head BUT I kept silent and be KIND. My kindness and forgiveness always have been taken as weakness.

I no longer will stay quiet and in any circumstances will no longer allow anyone to get away from racism! What happened to George Floyd is absolutely devastating!
I stand against any form of racism. Black Lives Matter is the civil rights movement of our time because it addresses a fundamental inequality in our society.
I have never publicly shared my political or religious views and will continue to do that but today I announce myself as ANTI- RACIST.
I truly believe that I am enough exactly the way I am and I trust that my words will connect with your heart.

Doing nothing is being part of the problem.
And I choose to not stay quiet and speak up for everyone.
Thank you for taking the time to read my message.
You matter to me

Elif x






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