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How to Organise Your Wardrobe

As the world becomes increasingly chaotic, it feels that our minds are the becoming the same way. With everything that's going on, it's easy for us to feel stressed, overwhelmed and become more likely to not look after ourselves and our belongings in the way that they deserve.

Forgetting to look after ourselves is bad enough, but when we get complacent taking care of our belongings, such as our clothes, it can make us feel even more frustrated than we were to begin with.

In our busy lives, it becomes so easy to sling things on a hanger and place it into our wardrobes without a second thought of the order or organisation. The mentality can be that as long as it's hung up, it's taking care of our clothes, right? It may be better than them being on the floor, but by placing our clothes with no real order or structure in our wardrobes, it will definitely add to the chaos and frustration that we're all feeling!

By organising your wardrobe, this will not only save you time whenever you're picking an outfit, but it will also allow you to see the items you have clearly, making the entire process easier, smoother and feel like a little piece of heaven every time you open your wardrobe doors.

To organise your wardrobe, you must think of the following:


In the words of Marie Kondo, you should only have items in your wardrobe that 'spark joy'! If you have clothes that you haven't worn in over a year, you should march those items straight down to the charity shop. If it's not doing anything in your wardrobe or making you feel happy, confident, sexy, empowered and your best self, give it a new lease of life by giving it away or selling it. Ultimately you'll feel better for it and you'll be left with having clothes that you really love.


By categorising your clothes, you'll know exactly what order your clothes are in and where to find them in an instant when you open your wardrobe, which is a huge time saver! It's ultimately up to you to choose how to categorise your clothes. However, we would recommend starting by categorising them item by item such as  having all your dresses together in one category, t-shirts, shirts and blouses in another, trousers in another and so on and so forth.  You can then  categorise further by season, by colour and by occasion. Whatever system you decide to have, it'll make the process of co-ordinating your outfits and your ability to know what items you have easier.


Storing your items effectively is essential to having an organised wardrobe. Firstly, by investing in good quality hangers, ideally that are all the same colour, makes the process of looking through your clothes to be oh-so-satisifying as well as allows them to be stored beautifully. By having good quality hangers it also gives you the reassurance that your pieces won't fall off onto the floor every time you close the wardrobe door.

Another way to store your clothes effectively is by placing jumpers, belts, scarves and jeans in their own bin. For example, by having a storage bin just for your jeans, and another one just for your scarves, it helps you find them quickly, as well keeping them stored neatly. 


If you have a smaller space to work with, that's absolutely fine! Just because you have a smaller space doesn't mean you can't be just as organised with those with larger amounts of room. If you do have a smaller space, it's even more important to utilise the space that you have. You can do this by utilising your wall space to hang a jewellery organiser, using floor space to put shoe rack and rolling clothes such as t-shirts into tubes. If you start by doing these little things, we promise you it'll be a big difference to the space you have.


We're not saying that all your stresses are going to evaporate by having an organised, clean and tidy wardrobe but it will certainly help you getting dressed in the morning, as well as really show you all the beautiful pieces you have to work with. Who knew getting dressed in the morning could be so much more fun when you have a clearer space to wardrobe to work with?!




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