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Bobbi Brown Pop up Boutique

What a great idea that Bobbi Brown has to collaborate with local businesses and influencers to bring new audience in store!


This my second involvement in their collaborative events as Elif Köse Boutique and it was an absolute success!


Not only I have the chance to put my name next to a name as big as BB, but also it gives me the opportunity to introduce my boutique to visitors of central town who never get to visit my side of the town. 


I certainly made great connections and with this event we formed a fantastic relationship with Dolly Fashion Fix Stylist Rachel.


We thought it would be a great idea for Rachel to use my boutique as her base to dress or style her clients.  This way she will be able to focus on her clients and I will be able to dress women with perfection!


So all forms of collaboration is good for businesses and it certainly benefits both parties. 


I hope to see you all soon, come and meet Rachel and enjoy a styling journey with professional.




Elif 💋

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